I Believe that Jesus Christ Is My Lord

This summer, Traveling Vacation Bible School (TVBS) will be visiting congregations in California, Michigan, Nebraska, Washington, and Wisconsin with the purpose of answering our Savior’s call to share the Gospel message. Our theme this year is “I Believe that Jesus Christ Is My Lord.” This series includes a five-lesson study on the life of Jesus:

1) Conception and Birth
2) Baptism and Temptation
3) Preaching and Healing
4) Death and Resurrection
5) Ascension and Return

The TVBS committee needs volunteers for both flyer and teaching trips. A list of planned trips can be found here. We give thanks for the variety of gifts the LORD has blessed his children with and ask you to consider using yours in His service this summer. Registration can be found here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!