Adopt or Sponsor

For those congregations or CLC members considering financial support of a summer trip or a portion of the program, we’ve listed what we consider the average costs of some of the trips and components of the program that we’ve realized in the past. These numbers are only intended to give you an idea of the expenses involved in supporting some of our trips.

Atlanta, GA (Flier Trip only) $1100
California (Flier Trip only) $1400
Middleton, WI (Teaching only) $75
Texas (Flier and Teaching) $1800
T-Shirts $340
Paper Supplies $545

Adopt a Sister Congregation

We are envisioning that self-supporting congregations would use this option. It would involve contacting the TVBS committee and finding out which congregations are being served by the TVBS program and selecting one to “adopt” financially and/or by supplying personnel to carry out the TVBS program at that adopted congregation. Several congregations have chosen this option already and peopled the flyer and teacher teams to congregations they have adopted. The TVBS committee would continue to provide lesson materials, scheduling, arts and crafts materials, and administrative support in your efforts unless your congregation would like to take on some of those responsibilities as well. Contact the TVBS Committee for more details on this option.

Adopt a TVBS Trip

This might involve financially supporting a trip to a location. It would be similar adopting a congregation, but would not involve actively participating in the program at the adopted congregation. You or your congregation might not be able to deliver flyers or teachers, but you might be able to assist by financially supporting a given trip. The TVBS Committee would oversee the program and your congregation could cover the expenses incurred at that congregation. Contact the TVBS Committee for more details on assisting in this way.

Help cover the travel expenses

If your congregation has been served by the program in the past or is being served by the TVBS program currently, you or your congregation could support the program financially or by volunteering to teach or flyer when TVBS comes to your congregation. For more details on this opportunity contact the TVBS Committee.

Sponsor the Program in other Ways

If you or your congregation is not in a position to assist in any of the other ways, consideration could be given to sponsoring a part of the program such as the printing of lesson booklets, the purchase of arts and crafts materials, the travel to certain locations, the overnight lodging in motels, housing the team if they are passing through your area, etc. If any of these options, or others that you can think of, are possible for you or your congregation, please contact the TVBS Committee with your thoughts and ideas.

For more details, please contact a member of the TVBS comittee.